The Client Book CRM API can be used to integrate the external applications with the CRM.

Users can enable or disable the API via "Integration" in the Owner's control panel. An authentication value is required in a GET parameter when calling any of the API functions. The authentication value will be explained in the Credentials article.

Basic Methods

The Client Book CRM API is provided via a REST web service and has two basics method:

  • GET

    GET is mostly used to retrieve the information from the API and to make a simple status update.

  • POST

    POST is used to insert or update data to database.

Basic Return or Result Value

  • Authentication Success

    The API call will return a JSON object in string format, so the string will need to be converted back into an array. For example: In PHP, you would use json_decode to decode the JSON string back into an array, or $.parseJSON in jQuery.

  • Authentication Failed

    The API call will return a string containing the reason the request failed.

HTTP Response Code

The HTTP response code can be used to determine whether the API call was successful. The list of the HTTP response code are as follows:

  • 200 (Authentication Success)

    Indicates API authentication success and contains a result.

  • 507 (Authentication Failed)

    indicates that the application ID and/or application key is invalid.

  • 508 (Authentication Failed)

    indicates that the access token is invalid.

  • 509 (Authentication Failed)

    indicates that API is disabled for your account.